Using fine arts integration and picturebooks to enrich middle years‘ students‘ literacy learning experiences




Elliott, Korry

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The purpose of this project was to examine the value of multimodal education and integrated curriculum, through fine arts integration using picturebooks. Semiotics, multimodality, multiliteracies and multiple intelligences provided the framework for this investigation as well as the creation of a unit plan consisting of 10 sequential activities that integrate literacy, the semiotic resources of fine arts and the multimodal nature of picturebooks. The primary goal of the unit is to enrich a middle years‘ language arts program in a way that also effectively teaches and honours the fine arts. However, the unit could also be a valuable part of an integrated fine arts (music, drama and visual arts) program. Reflecting on the review of relevant literature and the creation of the unit plan, it is evident that literacy, fine arts and picturebooks can be integrated in a meaningful and an authentic manner to create a holistic learning experience for students.



literacy, language arts, fine arts, integration, picturebooks, picture books, music, drama, visual arts, middle years, middle school, unit plan