Near touch interactions: understanding grab and release actions.




Balali Moghaddam, Aras

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In this work, I present empirically validated techniques to realize gesture and touch interaction using a novel near touch tracking system. This study focuses on identifying the intended center of action for grab and release gestures close to an interactive surface. Results of this experiment inform a linear model that can approximate the intended location of grab and release actions with an accuracy of R^2 = 0.95 for horizontal position and R^2 = 0.84 for vertical position. I also present an approach for distinguishing which hand was used to perform the interaction. These empirical model data and near touch tracking system contributions provide new opportunities for natural and intuitive hand interactions with computing surfaces.



Human Factors, near touch, multi touch, hand interaction, interactive surfaces, user study, hand tracking, hardware prototype, bimanual, opencv, action center, gesture center, hand center