Chronological rectangle digraphs




Manzer, Joshua Daniel Adrian

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Interval graphs admit elegant ordering and structural characterizations. A natural digraph analogue of interval graphs, called chronological interval digraphs, has recently been identified and studied. We introduce the class of chronological rectangle digraphs, and show that they are a higher dimensional analogue of chronological interval digraphs. A main goal of this thesis is to establish a foundation of knowledge about this class, including basic properties and an ordering characterization. Our most significant result is a forbidden induced subdigraph characterization for the series-parallel digraphs which are chronological rectangle. We also discuss obtaining chronological rectangle digraphs from orientations of graphs. In addition we introduce the related concept of the chronological interval dimension of a digraph, and determine the digraphs for which it is defined. Unit and proper chronological rectangle digraphs, defined analogously to unit and proper interval graphs, are also introduced and studied.



Mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Structural Graph Theory