Documenting an integrated childcare program’s ability to support at-risk young mothers and their children




Artz, Sibylle
Nicholson, Diana

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In this paper the authors describe the rationale and findings from a study focused on documenting the conditions for supporting at-risk young mothers and their children within the context of an integrated childcare-lifeskills-academics program. The findings indicate that the overarching condition that supports young mothers constitutes weaving a web of relational support across several interrelated domains. Supporting the development of healthy interrelated relationships – including one’s relationship with self – requires tremendous skill on the part of practitioners and flexible and collegial organizational structures that permit responsiveness to the shifting needs of individual participants. Benefits to young mothers and their children include healthy personal and interpersonal relationships, effective parenting skills, completion of their high school education, and setting and pursuing goals for their future.



alternative education, at-risk young mothers, relational support, supportive education