Report for the University of Victoria Libraries on Fedora Commons-Based DAMS: Building Collaborative Scholarship Environments, A Test Case




Huculak, J. Matthew
Justice, Braydon

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This is a report on two Fedora Commons-Based Digital Asset Management Systems (FCDAMS)—Project Hydra and Islandora—as potential collaborative digital scholarship platforms for scholarly communication at the University of Victoria. The authors of the report tested each system for adaptability and agility by incorporating tools used by the digital humanities community in order to imagine an editing and publication platform hosted by the University Library. The report finds that Project Hydra is most advanced in terms of being compatible with Fedora 4, and it is highly extensible. Project Hydra is widely adopted and supported by libraries in the United States and Canada. The report also finds that Islandora—also widely implemented—is undergoing a massive rewrite in order to be compatible with Fedora 4, and thus it is not currently a prime candidate for implementation.



DAMS, Digital Asset Management, Project Hydra, Islandora, Fedora Commons, Digital Scholarship