Internet for Civil Engineering: 1996




Froese, Thomas M.
Waugh, Lloyd

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Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering


The Internet is the most rapidly growing technology in society today and it is changing the way people work and communicate. This impact includes changes to the practice of engineering, and these changes will continue as new Internet technologies arise. This paper presents a brief background of the Internet and, in particular, the World-Wide Web. It then introduces a collection of “this year’s” advances and trends in Internet technology and presents examples of how they may influence work practices. Finally, it discusses how Internet technologies can be used by engineering and construction companies now and in the future.



Internet, Civil Engineering, World-Wide Web


Froese, T. & Waugh, L. (1996). Internet for Civil Engineering: 1996. Published in the Proceedings of the 1996 Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Edmonton, AB.