Water Quality Treatment Efficacy Model of Porous Concrete Pavement




He, J.
Huang, J.
Valeo, C.
Chu, A.

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Permeable pavement is a low impact development technology that has been suggested for improvement of urban stormwater management. Performance of permeable pavement has been extensively evaluated by field observations so far. However, modeling tools, which can aid in the design of permeable pavement, are still lacking, particularly in relation to water quality. Therefore, this paper aimed to develop effective modeling approaches to simulate porous concrete pavement, a common type of permeable pavement. To fulfill this objective, both field and laboratory investigations were conducted. An empirical model was developed using laboratory results and field observations, and a conceptual model was formulated based on the physical processes of pollutant removal by porous media. This paper focused on two water quality parameters: total suspended solids and total phosphorus. Both modeling approaches produced fairly good results, which suggest the potential use of both models in practice.



Conceptual Model, Empirical Model, Low Impact Development, Porous Concrete Pavement, Water Quality


He, J., Huang, J., Valeo, C. and Chu, A. (2015). Water Quality Treatment Efficacy Model of Porous Concrete Pavement. Journal of Water Resource and Hydraulic Engineering, 4(1-2), pp.159-168.