Exploring real-time image space painterly rendering




Krazanowski, Michael P.

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Artists have been using brush strokes to generate abstractions and interpretations of the world they view, however this process is very time consuming. Many recent and diverse techniques attempt to mimic the process on a computer that an artist would go through to generate a painting; an area of research is a ectionately nick-named "painterly rendering". These applications emulate the effects of an artist's handiwork with dramatically less time invested in the process. I present a method to adapt painterly rendering for real-time simulations or video games, such that the images may appear to have been painted by hand. The work described in this document focuses on three problem areas posed for a real-time solution for painterly-rendering: brush stroke generation, temporal coherence between frames and performance. The solution presented here intends to solve these three fundamental issues with the intent to layer these methods on top of real-time applications using current generation consumer hardware.



GPU, computer, graphics, real-time, NPAR, nonphototrealistic, painterly