CRC General Comment 7 Indicators Framework: A Tool for Monitoring the Implementation of Child Rights in Early Childhood




Vaghri, Ziba
Arkadas, Adem
Kruse, Sami
Hertzman, Clyde

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Journal of Human Rights


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has universal recognition as the main human rights treaty providing international standards and a yardstick for fulfillment of children’s rights. The Convention stipulates a monitoring system for countries that signed up to it. This system places international legal obligation on countries to write periodic reports to the Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as the monitoring body of the Convention. The monitoring Committee on the Rights of the Child as a part of the Convention (Articles 42–45 of the CRC) also issues general comments to guide governments in better understanding, implementing, and monitoring the implementation of the Convention in their countries. Therefore, it provides a basis for developing child rights indicators. Its General Comment on implementing child rights in early childhood provides an excellent basis for developing early childhood indicators based on human rights. The manual and the framework developed is a tool to address concerns to better realize young children’s rights through better data collection, analysis, monitoring, and reporting through provision of a structured guide to help governments to fulfill their obligation for state reporting and most importantly towards the youngest members and rights holders of their societies.




Vaghri, Z., Arkadas, A., Kruse, S., & Hertzman, C. (2011). CRC General Comment 7 Indicators Framework: A tool for monitoring the implementation of child rights in early childhood. Journal of Human Rights, 10(2),178-188.