Making Reflective Practice Visible: Supporting Shifts in Practice Towards Personalized Learning




Ross, Tanya

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The world continues to change at an ever-increasing rate, impacting many aspects of education. Today’s learners are evolving in response to changes in their home, social, and learning environments and advancements in technology. The relevance of meaningful ongoing professional development that is current, connected, and purposeful is more necessary now, perhaps, than ever before. Engagement in a visible, collaborative reflective practice may enable educators to better respond to individual student strengths, needs, and interests to fully embrace a personalized approach to learning and teaching. Through iterative professional learning that reflects on and questions educational content, methods, subjects, tools, activities, strategies, and/or experiences, and links to current research, educators can strive to expand their own practice and positively engage students. This project explores the impact of teacher participation in a collaborative reflective practice publicly shared through social media, to move towards a personalized approach to education, ultimately leading to professional growth.



visible learning, reflective practice, collaborative, personal learning network, personalized learning, shifting practice, professional development