Roving eyes : circulation, visuality, and hierarchy of place in east-central British Columbia, 1910-1975




Bradley, Ben

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This thesis broadly explores the complex relations between commodity circulation, modes of visuality, landscape experience, and hierarchies of place in the Yellowhead Pass and Robson Valley areas of east-central British Columbia during the period 1910-1975. By examining a wide array of sources, including some that are banal, fragmentary, and indirect, it shows that views of that space and the numerous rural communities located within it have been structured and mediated by modem networks and systems of transportation and communication, beginning with transcontinental railways and ending with transprovincial highways. It demonstrates that the shifting ways in which places in this corridor-region have been connected to and separated from these lines of circulation, and also the associated ways in which they have been seen (and not seen) by people travelling along them have played vitally important roles in both the routines and possibilities of residents' everyday lives, and their local, place-based identities.



Transportation, British Columbia, History, 20th Century