Soft-switched DC-to-DC converters for power conditioning of electrolyser in a renewable energy system




Gautam, Deepak

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An Electrolyser is a part of a renewable energy system (RES) and generates hydrogen from water electrolysis that is used in fuel cells. A dc-to-dc converter is required to couple the Electrolyser to the system DC bus. This thesis presents an extensive comparison of three soft-switched high-frequency transformer isolated dc-to-dc converters for this application. It is shown that LCL-type series resonant converter (SRC) with capacitive output filter is suitable for this application. Due to the wide variation in input voltage and load current, no converter can maintain zero-voltage switching (ZVS) for the complete operating range. To overcome this problem, two new converter configurations are proposed. Proposed Configuration 1 is a two-stage boost-LCL SRC with capacitive output filter and Proposed Configuration 2 is a transient-boost dual half-bridge LCL SRC with capacitive output filter. Operating principle, design, simulation and experimental results of the newly proposed converters are also presented.



converters, renewable