A 44K microarray dataset of the changing transcriptome in developing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)




Jantzen, Stuart G.
Sanderson, Dan S.
Von Schalburg, Kristian Robert
Yasuike, Motoshige
Marass, Francesco
Koop, Benjamin F.

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Background: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) is an environmentally and economically important organism and its gene content is reasonably well characterized. From a transcriptional standpoint, it is important to characterize the changes in gene expression over the course of unperturbed early development, from fertilization through to the parr stage. Findings: S. salar samples were taken at 17 time points from 2 to 89 days post fertilization. Total RNA was extracted and cRNA was synthesized and hybridized to a newly developed 44K oligo salmonid microarray platform. Quantified results were subjected to preliminary data analysis and submitted to NCBI’s Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). Data can be found under the GEO accession number GSE25938. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/query/acc. cgi?acc=GSE25938 Conclusions: Throughout the entire period of development, several thousand genes were found to be differentially regulated. This work represents the trancriptional characterization of a very large geneset that will be extremely valuable in further examination of the transcriptional changes in Atlantic salmon during the first few months of development. The expression profiles can help to annotate salmon genes in addition to being used as references against any number of experimental variables to which developing salmonids might be subjected.


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Jantzen et al.: A 44K microarray dataset of the changing transcriptome in developing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). BMC Research Notes 2011 4:88.