Design of a SIW Variable Phase Shifter for Beam Steering Antenna Systems




Hesari, Sara Salem
Bornemann, Jens

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This paper proposes a new beam steering antenna system consisting of two variable reflection-type phase shifters, a 3 dB coupler, and a 90° phase transition. The entire structure is designed and fabricated on a single layer of substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), which makes it a low loss and low-profile antenna system. Surface mount tuning varactor diodes are chosen as electrical phase control elements. By changing the biasing voltage of the varactor diodes in the phase shifter circuits, the far-field radiation pattern of the antenna steers from −25° to 25°. The system has a reflection coefficient better than −10 dB for a 2 GHz bandwidth centered at 17 GHz, a directive radiation pattern with a maximum of 10.7 dB gain at the mid-band frequency, and cross polarization better than 20 dB. A prototype is fabricated and measured for design verification. The measured far-field radiation patterns, co and cross polarization, and the reflection coefficient of the antenna system agree with simulated results.



beam steering antenna system, SIW technology, variable phase shifter, varactor diodes


Hesari, S.S. & Bornemann, J. (2019). Design of a SIW Variable Phase Shifter for Beam Steering Antenna Systems. Electronics, 8(9), 1013.