Initial Studies of Electron Beams as a Means of Modifying Collagen




Apsimon, Robert
Setiniyaz, Sadiq
Seviour, Rebecca
Wise, William
Junginger, Tobias
Juarez Hernandez, Maribel
Ortiz, Edgar

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We present the initial design studies and specifications for an accelerator and conveyor system to irradiate collagen samples, modifying properties such as the putrescibility and mechanical behaviours in a paradigm shift from existing, widely used technology. We show the integrated design requirements for a magnetic rastering scheme to move the beam position in order to ensure a uniform dose distribution over the full surface of the hide and discuss its dependence on factors such as the size of the hide, the beam current and conveyor speed. We also present initial energy deposition studies using beam particle interaction simulation program G4beamline, in order to determine the numerical beam parameters and angle of incidence needed to ensure a uniform depth-dose distribution throughout the hide thickness.



leather, tanning, collagen modification, electrons, accelerator, RF, beams


Apsimon, R., Setiniyaz, S., Seviour, R., Wise, W., Junginger, T., Juarez Hernandez, M., & Ortiz, E. (2021). Initial Studies of Electron Beams as a Means of Modifying Collagen. Physics, 3(2), 1-20.