Plastic Shrinkage Cracking Prediction in Cement-Based Materials Using Factorial Design




Gupta, Rishi
Nemkumar, Banthia

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Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering


Shrinkage cracking is a major issue that affects the durability of concrete structures. Plastic shrinkage of cementitious materials can lead to cracking within 24hrs of casting and sets the stage for premature deterioration. Even though test techniques exist that can be used to evaluate the plastic shrinkage cracking potential of cement-based materials, mathematical models that predict the influence of various parameters such as w/c, aggregate to cement ratio and effect of fibers on cracking are not available. This paper presents a model that can be used to predict plastic shrinkage cracking in cement-based materials. The model is developed using factorial design and utilizes representative data generated using a technique developed by the authors. The effectiveness and limitations of the model in predicting crack areas and width are discussed. Effect of variables such as w/c, sand/cement ratio, fiber dosage and the interaction between these variables is also presented in this paper.



Restrained plastic shrinkage cracking, factorial design, cement-based materials, fiber reinforcement


Gupta, R. & Banthia, N. (2015). Plastic shrinkage cracking prediction in cementbased materials using factorial design. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 27(9).