Voices of Female International Graduate Students: Feminist Arts-Based Study at University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society




Dogus, Fatma D.

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This study explored female international graduate students’ experiences in the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) at the University of Victoria. The overall question that guided this study was: How does female international graduate students’ involvement with the Graduate Students’ Society shape their learning experiences? I used an arts-based methodology, and collected data through collage and photography and discussion in a series of three focus groups. Findings showed that GSS was in invaluable space of learning for women about culture, about organisations, about diversity and also, a place to acquire organisational skills. Learning, however, was almost all done ‘individually’ and there are challenges around exclusion, and sexism. Understanding the issues of sex and race needs to be addressed and collective learning environments needs to be created within the organization.



Graduate international students, Student Organizations, Arts- Based Study