Food, Health and Biotechnology: Consumer and Social Issues in Canada's New Food and Health Product Industries




Ries, Nola M.
Shelley, Jacob J.

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Advanced Foods and Materials Network


This report summarizes the results of the eight GE3LS research projects that were reported at a national conference held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in August 2006. They focus on issues related to consumer responses to new food and bio-materials; assessment of the new Canadian regulations governing natural health products; issues of intellectual property arising from these technologies; and the status of new regulatory risk assessment tools being developed to ensure the safety of novel foods and food processes.



Genetically modified foods--Canada, Food--Biotechnology--Canada, Consumers’ preferences--Canada, Health products--Canada


Food, health and biotechnology : consumer and social issues in Canada’s new food and health product industries : a report / from the Advanced Foods and Materials Network ; edited by Nola M. Ries and Jacob J. Shelley.