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Lindgren, Allana

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An interview with Linda Rabin of Montreal, Quebec, co-founder of LADMMI. Rabin recounts her path into modern dance from Elsie Salomon's (Judith Marcuse's aunt) dance school as a young woman, where she was influenced by dance artists such as Martha Graham and Anna Sokolow. She went to Juilliard, learned music composition, immersed herself in doing choreography and was invited to Israel by Brian MacDonald in the early '70's to assist with the Kibbutz Dance Company and Batsheva Dance. She then moved to London to work with Norman Morris but upon her return to Montreal in the mid-70's that she created her iconic work - White Goddess. Her interest in the music of Benjamin Britten and the Alexander Technique went into this minimalist piece of dance performance. Although a successful choreographer, she felt the pull of her teaching side and established her school in 1982, LADMMI. She wished to bond and stay with a group of students over time in order to respond to a dancer's inner creative awareness and somatic method of technique. Rabin left the dance world in the early '90's for a few years to explore new avenues but came back to teach as dance was "too much in her blood".



Linda Rabin, Montreal, Elsie Salomon dance school, creative and expressive dance choreography, American Dance Festival, Kibbutz Dance and Batsheva Dance, Israel, Ballet Rambert, London UK, co-founded Les Ateliers de danse Moderne de Montreal (LADMMI)