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Dr. Allana Lindgren, Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria, is the creator and principal researcher for the digital Oral History Dance Collection.

The Oral History Dance Collection contains digital audio files of interviews with dancers, choreographers, teachers and administrators. Initiated in 2011, the collection is part of the Canadian Dance History Project at the University of Victoria and is intended to provide an opportunity for dance professionals to reflect on their work as well as the role of the artist within society. Specific topics include training and performance experiences, cultural policies, arts advocacy and body politics, among other issues.

Interviewees include Miriam Adams (interviewed in Ottawa, ON., 2011), Françoise Sullivan (interviewed in Montréal, QC., 2011), and Linda Rabin (interviewed in Montréal, QC., 2011).


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    Interview with Linda Rabin
    (2014-02-12) Lindgren, Allana
    An interview with Linda Rabin of Montreal, Quebec, co-founder of LADMMI. Rabin recounts her path into modern dance from Elsie Salomon's (Judith Marcuse's aunt) dance school as a young woman, where she was influenced by dance artists such as Martha Graham and Anna Sokolow. She went to Juilliard, learned music composition, immersed herself in doing choreography and was invited to Israel by Brian MacDonald in the early '70's to assist with the Kibbutz Dance Company and Batsheva Dance. She then moved to London to work with Norman Morris but upon her return to Montreal in the mid-70's that she created her iconic work - White Goddess. Her interest in the music of Benjamin Britten and the Alexander Technique went into this minimalist piece of dance performance. Although a successful choreographer, she felt the pull of her teaching side and established her school in 1982, LADMMI. She wished to bond and stay with a group of students over time in order to respond to a dancer's inner creative awareness and somatic method of technique. Rabin left the dance world in the early '90's for a few years to explore new avenues but came back to teach as dance was "too much in her blood".
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    Interview with Denise Clarke
    (2013-11-15) Drag, Sandra
    This interview was held with Denise Clarke in Calgary, Alberta. She has been involved with the performing arts since childhood. She first trained and performed as a dancer and has been a member of the One Yellow Rabbit theatre company since 1983. She discusses how she first became involved in the performing arts and the significance of One Yellow Rabbit to her artistic life. Also discussed is the collaborative, creative process of devising theatre, as well as the challenges that come with being in a male-dominated environment. The ecology of present-day theatre in Calgary and Canada is also discussed, as is the future viability of theatre.
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    Interview with Stephen White
    (2013-09-17) Lindgren, Allana
    This interview was held with Stephen White the current Producer of Dance Victoria, in Victoria British Columbia.  He discusses his early theatre training at the University of Windsor, followed by his time working as a playwright, a grants officer, leading into how he came to hold the his role within Dance Victoria. Dance Victoria is a non-profit organization which acts as a presenter allowing for travelling dance productions to perform in Victoria.  Dance Victoria has branched out in its 15 years of operation to host artists in residence and gains funding to allow choreographers to collaborate and tour works. In this interview Stephen discusses the process of creating a season for Dance Victoria, the many changes he has made to the very roles and structure of a dance presenter organization, as well as the dual role of being an artist as well as a business man.  Stephen offers that his main struggle is with adapting Dance Victoria to suit today’s younger audiences.
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    Interview with Tanya Howard
    (2013-08-14) Lindgren, Allana
    This interview was held with Tanya Howard who is a Principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada. Howard left her home in Johannesburg at a young age to attend the National Ballet School. In this interview she discusses the development of her career as a professional dancer, shares some of her highlights through this journey and lays out both a typical training day and what a day in performance is like. Howard concludes with a request to audiences to remember that professional dancers are more than just a performance; they are real people with more depth.
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    Interview with Yukichi Hattori
    (2013-06-25) Lindgren, Allana
    This interview was held with Yukichi Hattori who moved at the age of thirteen from his home in Japan to Germany to attend the Hamburg Ballet School. Hattori joined the Hamburg Ballet Company as an apprentice soon becoming a soloist with the company. In 2006 he moved to the Alberta Ballet where he recently held a principal role in an Elton John inspired ballet called "Love Lies Bleeding." In this interview, Hattori discusses his journey as a dancer, the struggles he faces as a 5’3” Asian male dancer, as well as the future plans as both a choreographer and teacher. A main theme he addresses is the role of the artist in the world at large. He claims that an artist’s role is to learn of the interests and to inspire younger generations. What Yukichi is trying to pass on is a way to live, a way to approach the world, and to make change through whatever inspires you.