A Practicum of Fairness: Smart Practices for Undergraduate Professional Program Practicum Assessment




Saab, Ada

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Ombudsperson offices have identified the practicum process as a source of misunderstanding and grievance among professional programs in higher education. This project takes a participatory needs assessment and smart practices approach to gain a better understanding of what administrative practicum coordinators in the schools of Social Work, Nursing, Education and Child and Youth Care perceive to be factors that inhibit or enhance a practicum student’s expectation of the practicum experience and what effective practices and processes they have implemented. This research was framed through the ombudsperson fairness triangle – substantive, procedural, and reflective fairness. The purpose of this project was to analyze and recommend options to assist undergraduate professional programs. The recommendations hope to act as a guide for practicum program coordinators, smart practice considerations for post-secondary ombuds offices, and reflection for senior administration when reviewing or designing programs with experiential learning components.



triangle of fairness, practicum, practicum assessment, practicum appeal, practicum placement, substantive fairness, relational fairness, equitable fairness, procedural fairness, mentorship, theory to practice