Capturing, assessing, and communicating student thinking in a digital world.




Rees, Rowena Jane

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The purpose of this project is to examine shifts in our education system and in classroom practice, particularly around creating meaningful learning experiences through a more personalized curriculum and focusing on communicating student learning in innovative ways. Research was conducted in the areas of formative assessment, digital portfolios, visible thinking, and pedagogical documentation. The capstone project was the design and creation of the website, Stories of Change: This site is a resource for educators to share and find information on the topics of digital portfolio assessment and making thinking visible. The site also hosts a blog where stories of classroom innovations are published. The narratives on the blog are not only created by the site owners, but also by guest authors. This aspect of the website presents an opportunity for educators to learn from and support one another by sharing stories of innovation and change happening in their classrooms.



digital portfolio, visible thinking, student thinking, metacognition, e-portfolios, electronic portfolios, formative assessment, pedagogical documentation, capturing thinking