Kalman filtering for computer music applications




Benning, Manjinder

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This thesis discusses the use of Kalman filtering for noise reduction in a 3-D gesture- based computer music controller known as the Radio Drum and for real-time tempo tracking of rhythmic and melodic musical performances. The Radio Drum noise reduction Kalman filter is designed based on previous research in the field of target tracking for radar applications and prior knowledge of a drummer’s expected gestures throughout a performance. In this case we are seeking to improve the position estimates of a drum stick in order to enhance the expressivity and control of the instrument by the performer. Our approach to tempo tracking is novel in that a multi- modal approach combining gesture sensors and audio in a late fusion stage lead to higher accuracy in the tempo estimates.



Kalman Filtering, Computer Music, Tempo Tracking, Radio Drum, Noise Reduction, Adaptive Filtering, Particle Filtering, Wearable Sensors, Audio Signal Processing