Report of the International Workshop on Global Roadmap and Strategic Actions for ICT in Construction (Finalnd, 2007)




Kazi, Abdul Samad
Froese, Thomas M.
Vanegas, Jorge
Tatum, C.B. Bob
Zarli, Alain
Amor, Robert
van Tellingen, Herman
Moltke, Ivar
Testa, Nicole

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Published in cooperation with VTT, FIATECH, Strat-CON, CSTB, and CIB


During August 22-24, 2007, a joint global workshop on roadmaps for ICT in Construction between FIATECH and Strat-CON was held in Finland. Through active participation of more than 30 international experts the workshop aimed to develop a series of thematic roadmaps based on common topics of interest of the FIATECH and Strat-CON roadmaps. Focusing on information and communication technologies (ICT) and value driven rocesses supported through these technologies seven main thematic areas and their respective visions were identified: Digital Models: Digital models are the key enablers for integrating, managing, and sharing multidisciplinary views and perspectives of the built environment’s lifecycle information. ICT for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability: Delivery and use of sustainable and energy-efficient facilities through ICT-based informed decision-making (both human and automated) Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration Support: Seamless and instant access to the right information/knowledge at the right time and in any place Intelligent Constructions: Ubiquitous B2P (B=Building, P=People) Interoperability: Information sharing without concern of the creating system; Interoperability independent of source, life cycle stage and type; Information to be securely accessible and interpretable across the life of the asset Network Demand Management: Customer aware and informed of status at all times and receives on-time delivery; supplier aware of customer and project demands and potential barriers as soon as they arise; environmental requirements included in all future transactions Value Driven Business & Process Models: What You Feel Is What You Get For each of the seven thematic areas, key industrial problems, and current research/technological gaps were identified. These were followed by definition of the vision, main objectives, current state of the art, and roadmaps covering topics for short, medium, and long term delivery to the industry. Furthermore, for each theme, a set of strategic actions (project ideas) to serve as building blocks for projects were identified.


Workshop Report and Summary of Key Findings



Kazi, A.S., Froese, T., Vanegas, J., Tatum, C.B., Zarli, A., Amor, R., Van Tellingen, H., Moltke, I., Testa, N. (2007) Report of the International Workshop on Global Roadmap and Strategic Actions for ICT in Construction (Finalnd, 2007). Sponsored by VTT, FIATECH, Strat-CON, CSTB, and CIB. Available at: Aug. 2007.