A Long-Range Transmission Network for Animal Sighting in the Wilderness




Zhang, Yan

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When wild animals are monitored in the vast wilderness of Canada, data transmission is considerably challenging due to the lack of effective network service provided by telecom operators or carriers, especially in sparsely populated areas. A Long-Range Transmission Network for a wildlife detection system using low-power and low-cost embedded software and hardware is designed and implemented. The objective of the system is to transmit the results of wildlife identification with environmental data through independent long-range networking. The system consists of a Camera-embedded System for wildlife image capturing and environmental data logging, a user system for scanning images and notifications, and a LoRaWAN networking for Long-Range Transmission. Once a targeted animal is detected and identified, the system issues an alarm in the monitored area and sends a LoRa data frame to an application server for further analysis and user notification. The transmission distance of data is effectively extended through the relay between nodes. The system can process up to nine frames per second from the camera and identify the designated wildlife with high accuracy by asynchronous multi-threading in a low-cost embedded system. The application could be beneficial for a variety of purposes in the vast and diverse wilderness areas, such as traffic alarms for large wild animals’ crossing, monitoring wildlife migrations by biologists, or a warning system in urban areas when there is a potential threat to the public such as approaching dangerous animals.



LoRaWAN, Movement Detection, Animal Identification, Low-cost Embedded System, Asynchronous Concurrency