Data Representation of Risk in Construction




Froese, Thomas M.

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CSCE 4th Construction Specialty Conference


Risk is a major factor in construction. Few of the information systems commonly used in construction address risk explicitly, yet risk is complex, and the analysis and management that requires deep analysis of all aspects of the project that calls upon many—perhaps most—of the project’s information systems. As an initial component of risk management information systems, this paper discusses the representation of construction risk information. Definitions of risk are provided. Alternative approaches include the representation of specific versus generic risks, and the implicit versus explicit representation of risks. A basic explicit, generic risk model is presented, consisting of risks, likelihoods, impacts, and magnitudes. An extended model is them presented that adds threats, assets, vulnerabilities, and other concepts.



Risk, Construction Risk, Risk Management, Risk Representation


Froese, T. (2013). Data Representation of Risk in Construction. Paper presented at CSCE 4th Construction Specialty Conference, Montréal, QC.