Development of the Brazilian version of a pan-Canadian behavior change program and its health and fitness outcomes




Schwartz, Juliano
Oh, Paul
Bredin, Shannon S. D.
Rhodes, Ryan E.
Perotto, Maira B.
Gaytán-González, Alejandro
Warburton, Darren E. R.

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Journal of Clinical Medicine


Chronic diseases are a major health problem worldwide, especially in lower-income jurisdictions. Considering this scenario, the World Health Organization has recently established, as a research priority, preventive interventions for populations from lower-income countries, such as the middle-income country of Brazil. The purpose of this article is to describe the components of a pan-Canadian lifestyle program adapted to Brazilians and to report its health and fitness outcomes. A 12-week program called ACCELERATION was translated and culturally adapted to Brazilians. A quasi-randomized controlled trial was designed, consisting of weekly emails and educational videos addressing risk factors for chronic disease. Health and fitness measures included body composition, cardiovascular variables, aerobic fitness, and muscular strength. The Brazilian experimental group showed maintenance in heart rate, blood pressure, and VO2max values while presenting an improvement of 3.3% in body fat percentage (p = 0.040, d = -0.325) and 5.1% in muscular strength (p = 0.039, d = 0.328). Overall, these results were similar to the Canadian intervention. Based on these findings, the Brazilian version of the program has the potential to contribute to the fight against chronic diseases in Brazil.



prevention, chronic disease, Canada, Brazil


Schwartz, J., Oh, P., Bredin, S. S. D., Rhodes, R. E., Perotto, M. B., Gaytán- González, A., Warburton, D. E. R. (2022). “Development of the Brazilian version of a pan-Canadian behavior change program and its health and fitness outcomes.” Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11(19), 5926.