A theory-based approach to designing interventions for Planetary Health




Brousselle, Astrid
McDavid, Jim
Curren, Megan
Logtenberg, Rik
Dunbar, Bronwyn
Ney, Tara

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The current existential crises crystallize an urgent need for us all to contribute to meeting international environmental and social commitments. The message is clear: we need to take action. However, one of the challenges for decision-makers leading the transition is the dearth of practical tools and approaches available. Even in our field, evaluations are still based on practices which systematically overlook important determinants of human health, neglecting what matters most for our societies to thrive. This article aims to build on existing knowledge of program theories, theories of change, and theory-based evaluations to create a practical approach to designing interventions, while taking into account human and natural systems: what is referred to as evaluating for Planetary Health. A key purpose is to explore how we can conceptualize and elaborate interventions, taking into account their implications for Planetary Health, to suggest improvements or alternatives to existing programs, projects, or policies.



anthropocene, ecological transition, evaluation, logic analysis, logic model, planetary health, program theory, SDG, theory-based approaches, transformation


Brousselle, A., McDavid, J., Curren, M., Logtenberg, R., Dunbar, B., & Ney, T. (2022). “A theory-based approach to designing interventions for Planetary Health.” Evaluation, 28(3), 330-355. https://doi.org/10.1177/13563890221107044