Twenty-six moment equations for the Enskog-Vlasov equation




Struchtrup, Henning
Frezzotti, Aldo

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics


The Enskog–Vlasov equation is a phenomenological kinetic equation that extends the Enskog equation for the dense (non-ideal) hard-sphere fluid by adding an attractive soft potential tail to the purely repulsive hard-sphere contribution. Simplifying assumptions about pair correlations lead to a Vlasov-like self-consistent force field that adds to the Enskog non-local hard-sphere collision integral. Within the limitations imposed by the underlying assumptions, the extension gives the Enskog–Vlasov equation the ability to give a unified description of ideal and non-ideal fluid flows as well as of those fluid states in which liquid and vapour regions coexist, being separated by a resolved interface. Furthermore, the Enskog–Vlasov fluid can be arbitrarily far from equilibrium. Thus the Enskog–Vlasov model equation provides an excellent, although approximate, tool for modelling processes with liquid–vapour interfaces and adjacent Knudsen layers, and allows us to look at slip, jump and evaporation coefficients from a different perspective. Here, a set of 26 moment equations is derived from the Enskog–Vlasov equation by means of the Grad moment method. The equations provide a meaningful approximation to the underlying kinetic equation, and include the description of Knudsen layers. This work focuses on the – rather involved – derivation of the moment equations, with only a few applications shown.



condensation/evaporation, kinetic theory, microscale transport


Struchtrup, H. & Frezzotti, A. (2022). “Twenty-six moment equations for the Enskog-Vlasov equation.” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 940, A40.