Building professional capacity for a water-sensitive future in Ontario




Maas, Carol
Wolfe, Sarah E.

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POLIS Project on Ecological Governance Water Sustainability Project


This paper has been prepared to provide a concise and integrated summary of emerging research on social and process changes in water management. It is designed to build on existing literature and practice by offering ideas for the application of current research insights. The paper is structured to first provide an overview, in Section 1, of the rationale for considering the social processes that enable the implementation of innovative water practices. This is followed, in Section 2, by a series of recommendations and examples of relevant activities in a range of jurisdictions. The recommendations are woven throughout the text of Section 2 and divided into three broad categories: networks, collaboration, and continuing education. This paper is intended to emphasize the importance of experiential knowledge and social knowledge sharing in hopes that both local and provincial decision-­‐makers will consider budgeting sufficient time and resources for these often overlooked activities. In the interest of a more integrated dynamic between community and government, this paper is also intended to inform community groups and offer insight into activities they may choose to organize themselves or advocate for at the local level.