Statues, names, memories, and reconciliation: revisiting UVic’s Begbie Building, a roundtable discussion


Within the last few years, communities, groups, and institutions have striven to remove controversial names and monuments from public and private spaces. Intense debates have focused on why and how those names and monuments should be removed. However, there are crucial issues that still need to be discussed: what happens after those symbols are removed? Is reconciliation a part of this process? Should institutions and communities acknowledge their unfortunate past decisions? In this roundtable discussion moderated by Esteban Vallejo Toledo, Professors Rebecca Johnson and Reuben Rose-Redwood explored these questions and more. Our panelists contributed to these ongoing debates by analyzing the disappearance of a commemorative statue as well as the renaming of UVic’s Begbie Building to the Fraser Building.


This is the first roundtable discussion of the Relevant-talk series: critical legal theory and more


Removal of statues; Renaming of Places; Memories; Reconciliation; UVic’s Begbie Building; UVic's Fraser Building