In vitro and in vivo evaluation of silk fibroin-hardystonite-gentamicin nanofibrous scaffold for tissue engineering applications




Hadisi, Zhina
Bakhsheshi-Rad, Hamid Reza
Walsh, Tavia
Dehghan, Mohammad Mehdi
Farzad-Mohajeri, Saeed
Gholami, Hossein
Diyanoush, Anahita
Pagan, Erik

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Polymer Testing


Designing advanced biomaterials with regenerative and drug delivering functionalities remains a challenge in the field of tissue engineering. In this paper we present the design, development, and a use case of an electrospun nano-biocomposite scaffold composed of silk fibroin (SF), hardystonite (HT), and gentamicin (GEN). The fabricated SF nanofiber scaffolds provide mechanical support while HT acts as a bioactive and drug carrier, on which GEN is loaded as an antibacterial agent. Antibacterial zone of inhibition (ZOI) results indicate that the inclusion of 3–6 wt% GEN significantly improves the antibacterial performance of the scaffolds against Gramnegative Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) bacteria, with an initial burst release of 10–20% and 72–85% total release over 7 days. The release rate of stimulatory silicon ions from SF-HT scaffolds reached 94.53±5 ppm after 7 days. Cell studies using osteoblasts show that the addition of HT significantly improved the cytocompatibility of the scaffolds. Angiogenesis, in vivo biocompatibility, tissue vascularization, and translatability of the scaffolds were studied via subcutaneous implantation in a rodent model over 4-weeks. When implanted subcutaneously, the GEN-loaded scaffold promoted angiogenesis and collagen formation, which suggests that the scaffold may be highly beneficial for further bone tissue engineering applications.



Drug delivery, In vivo, Subcutaneous implant, Nanofiber, Electrospinning, Silk fibroin


Hadisi, Z., Bakhsheshi-Rad, H. R., Walsh, T., Dehghan, M. M., Farzad-Mohajeri, S., Gholami, H., … Akbari, M. (2020). In vitro and in vivo evaluation of silk fibroinhardystonite- gentamicin nanofibrous scaffold for tissue engineering applications. Polymer Testing, 91, 1-7.