R13 Moment Equations Applied to Supersonic Flow with Solid Wall Interaction




Struchtrup, Henning
Timokhin, Maksim
Kokhanchik, Alexey
Bondar, Yevgeniy

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R13 moment set of equations is the regularization of original Grad 13-moment system. Several variants of R13 equations were presented after the first publication. The difference between them lies in the relations for higher order moments. It has been shown that all variants are well applicable for numerical modelling of the moderately rarefied slow gas flows and allow the modelling of main nonequilibrium effects in micro-flow problems. The difficulty is that the solid wall boundary conditions for R13 equations were obtained from one of the variants which is not applicable to near hypersonic flows. This study is devoted to the demonstration of the numerical results of R13 linear and nonlinear variants for supersonic flow over the flat plate. The R13 numerical solutions are compared with DSMC results computed by the SMILE++ software system.




AIP Conference Proceedings 2132, 120001 (2019)