Engaging with workplace incivility through valuable actions: a conflict transformation and care-focused perspective




Donald, Kelly

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This thesis examines the role of management with regard to reducing and preventing workplace incivility through a care-focused and conflict transformation theory lens. The discussion on workplace incivility is expanded through an exploration of two theories: care-focused theory and conflict transformation theory. These theories are integrated into one theoretical framework, The Care-Centered Moral Imagination Framework (CMIF), which is applied to current literature recommendations on reduction and prevention of workplace incivility. The current literature recommendations were summarized through an ethnographic content analysis on existing academic studies conducted on workplace incivility. The result is a précis of current themes in the literature with regard to managing workplace incivility followed by a discussion of missing elements of management as determined through the application of the CMIF. These elements were rolled into ten valuable actions: care ethic, humility, pragmatism, treasure relations, embracing change and diversity, relationship building, dialogue, engagement, understanding and reflect and critique, that were recommended for managers to adopt and model in the workplace. The actions are suggested strategies for managers to use in the workplace when engaging with workplace incivility. I discuss suggestions and implications of the research in the concluding remarks.



Workplace incivility, conflict transformation, care ethic, relational ethic, management, respectful workplace, office culture, care, dispute resolution, feminism, social contructionist