Throughput optimization in retransmission based communication systems




Siddiquee, Intekhaab Aalam

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Optimization of throughput, in a channel perturbed by random and burst noise, has been extensively studied. Block coding has been chosen as the type of code used in forward error correction. Constraints on the probability of packet loss and number of transmissions of a single packet have been chosen as the criteria for coding parameter selection for codes to be used in the forward path. Techniques for choosing the optimum code parameters in such situations have been described and throughput performance has been analyzed. Information contents of feedback signals have been used to quantitively identify the requirements on average sample number for channel state inference. Different types of feedback signals have been analyzed and compared with respect to their information contents. Number of errors occurring in a packet has been shown to be the most informative. Superiority of the proposed scheme, compared to the traditional acknowledgement or non-acknowledgement based schemes, has been proven by example for both gaussian and fading channels.



Mathematical optimization, Telecommunication systems