Fractional Clique Collocation Technique for Numerical Simulations of Fractional-Order Brusselator Chemical Model




Izadi, Mohammad
Srivastava, Hari M.

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The primary focus of this research study is in the development of an effective hybrid matrix method to solve a class of nonlinear systems of equations of fractional order arising in the modeling of autocatalytic chemical reaction problems. The fractional operator is considered in the sense of Liouville–Caputo. The proposed approach relies on the combination of the quasi-linearization technique and the spectral collocation strategy based on generalized clique bases. The main feature of the hybrid approach is that it converts the governing nonlinear fractional-order systems into a linear algebraic system of equations, which is solved in each iteration. In a weighted L2 norm, we prove the error and convergence analysis of the proposed algorithm. By using various model parameters in the numerical examples, we show the computational efficacy as well as the accuracy of our approach. Comparisons with existing available schemes show the high accuracy and robustness of the designed hybrid matrix collocation technique.



clique functions, collocation points, convergent analysis, fractional Brusselator system, Liouville-Caputo derivative


Izadi, M., & Srivástava, H. M. (2022). Fractional clique collocation technique for numerical simulations of Fractional-Order Brusselator Chemical model. Axioms, 11(11), 654.