Synthesizing rolling bearing fault samples in new conditions: A framework based on a modified CGAN




Ahang, Maryam
Jalayer, Masoud
Shojaeinasab, Ardeshir
Ogunfowora, Oluwaseyi
Charter, Todd
Najjaran, Homayoun

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Bearings are vital components of rotating machines that are prone to unexpected faults. Therefore, bearing fault diagnosis and condition monitoring are essential for reducing operational costs and downtime in numerous industries. In various production conditions, bearings can be operated under a range of loads and speeds, which causes different vibration patterns associated with each fault type. Normal data are ample as systems usually work in desired conditions. On the other hand, fault data are rare, and in many conditions, there are no data recorded for the fault classes. Accessing fault data is crucial for developing data-driven fault diagnosis tools that can improve both the performance and safety of operations. To this end, a novel algorithm based on conditional generative adversarial networks (CGANs) was introduced. Trained on the normal and fault data on actual fault conditions, this algorithm generates fault data from normal data of target conditions. The proposed method was validated on a real-world bearing dataset, and fault data were generated for different conditions. Several state-of-the-art classifiers and visualization models were implemented to evaluate the quality of the synthesized data. The results demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed algorithm.



generative adversarial networks, fault detection and diagnosis, condition monitoring, signal processing, bearing fault detection


Ahang, M., Jalayer, M., Shojaeinasab, A., Ogunfowora, O., Charter, T., & Najjaran, H. (2022). “Synthesizing rolling bearing fault samples in new conditions: A framework based on a modified CGAN.” Sensors, 22(14), 5413.