A generalized model for dense axisymmetric grains flow with orientational diffusion




Amereh, Meitham
Nadler, Ben

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Journal of Fluid Mechanics


The flow of non-spherical grains is strongly affected by the orientation of the grains, as observed in experiments and simulations. An existing model that predicts the orientation of grains as a function of the flow field and shape of the grains, is limited to homogenous orientational fields where the interaction of the grains with their surroundings is negligible. To address this limitation, we generalized the model to account for inhomogeneous orientational fields in the form of spatial non-convective orientational flux. The orientational flux accounts for the interactions of grains with their surroundings and the boundaries. The proposed model is used to study the influence of orientational diffusion and boundary conditions on the flow of dense granular material down an incline. It is shown that the boundary conditions can play a significant role in the orientation of grains in such flows.



dry granular material


Amereh, M. & Nadler, B. (2022). “A generalized model for dense axisymmetric grains flow with orientational diffusion.” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 936, A40. https://doi.org/10.1017/jfm.2022.44