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Heuristic Path Search and Multi-Attribute Decision-Making-Based Routing Method for Vehicular Safety Messages




Nie, Lei
Zhang, Junjie
Bao, Haizhou
Huo, Yiming

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Efficient routing in urban vehicular networks is essential for timely and reliable safety message transmission, and the selection of paths and relays greatly affects the quality of routing. However, existing routing methods usually face difficulty in finding the globally optimal transmission path due to their greedy search strategies or the lack of effective ways to accurately evaluate relay performance in intricate traffic scenarios. Therefore, we present a vehicular safety message routing method based on heuristic path search and multi-attribute decision-making (HMDR). Initially, HMDR utilizes a heuristic path search, focusing on road section connectivity, to pinpoint the most favorable routing path. Subsequently, it employs a multi-attribute decision-making (MADM) technique to evaluate candidate relay performance. The subjective and objective weights of the candidate relays are determined using ordinal relationship analysis and the Criteria Importance Through Intercriteria Correlation (CRITIC) weighting methods, respectively. Finally, the comprehensive utility values of the candidate relays are calculated in combination with the link time and the optimal relay is selected. In summary, the proposed HMDR method is capable of selecting the globally optimal transmission path, and it comprehensively considers multiple metrics and their relationships when evaluating relays, which is conducive to finding the optimal relay. The experimental results show that even if the path length is long, the proposed HMDR method gives preference to the path with better connectivity, resulting in a shorter total transmission delay for safety messages; in addition, HMDR demonstrates faster propagation speed than the other evaluated methods while ensuring better one-hop distance and one-hop delay. Therefore, it helps to improve the performance of vehicular safety message transmission in intricate traffic scenarios, thus providing timely data support for secure driving.



heuristic path search, multi-attribute decision-making, safety message transmission, routing method, vehicular network


Nie, L., Zhang, J., Bao, H., & Huo, Y. (2023). Heuristic path search and multi-atribute decision-making-based routing method for vehicular safety messages. Sensors, 23(23), 9506. https://doi.org/10.3390/s23239506