Measurements of W and Z boson production in pp collisions at s√=5.02 TeV with the ATLAS detector




Aaboud, M.
Aad, G.
Abbott, B.
Abdinov, O.
Abeloos, B.
Abhayasinghe, D.K.
Abidi, S.H.
AbouZeid, O.S.
Abraham, N.L.
Abramowicz, H.

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The European Physical Journal C


Measurements of fiducial integrated and differential cross sections for inclusive W+, W− and Z boson production are reported. They are based on 25.0±0.5pb−1 of pp collision data at s√=5.02 TeV collected with the ATLAS detector at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. Electron and muon decay channels are analysed, and the combined W+, W− and Z integrated cross sections are found to be σW+=2266±9 (stat)±29 (syst)±43 (lumi) pb, σW−=1401±7 (stat)±18 (syst)±27 (lumi) pb, and σZ=374.5±3.4 (stat)±3.6 (syst)±7.0 (lumi) pb, in good agreement with next-to-next-to-leading-order QCD cross-section calculations. These measurements serve as references for Pb+Pb interactions at the LHC at sNN−−−√=5.02 TeV.




Aaboud, M., Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abdinov, O., Abeloos, B., Abhayasinghe, D.K., … Zwalinski, L. (2019). Measurements of W and Z boson production in pp collisions at √s=5.02 TeV with the ATLAS detector. The European Physical Journal C, 79(2).