Computational Modeling of Oscillatory Motion with Finite Difference Time Domain Method




Wu, Yue

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Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method is a numerical analysis technique used in computational electromagnetic. Since it was proposed in 1966, FDTD method has become the fastest growing and the most popular method compared to other numerical solutions. Nowadays, using finite difference time domain method to model stationary object has been well established, there are several commercial and open-source FDTD solutions available on the market, which are excellent at modeling immobile devices. But little research has been performed to study the modeling of dynamic movements such as vibration and oscillation, which can be especially useful for studying deformations caused by forces like radiation pressure to better understand interactions between matter and electromagnetic waves. In this project, a two-dimensional FDTD model with an oscillating cylindrical rod was proposed and implemented. Using this model, the Raman scattering effect caused by an oscillation device was successfully observed. And a further investigation about the enhancement of Raman scattering when the incident frequency is near a whisper gallery mode resonance was performed. A minimal resonance shift caused by the oscillatory motion was also observed.



Simulation, FDTD