Project Management in the Year 2020




Froese, Thomas M.
Waugh, Lloyd
Pouria, Arezou

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Conference of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers


This paper describes the results of a survey that examines speculations about how information technology will be used to support project management 20 years from now in the year 2020. The paper reports and interprets the responses received from a group of experts in the field of architecture, engineering and construction. Various perspectives of information technology and project management are considered, such as the project management environment, computing systems, application areas, and information integration. Similar questions were asked in surveys conducted in 1991 (Froese and Waugh, 1991) in 1996 (Waugh et al. 1996). The results were interpreted separately and in comparison to each other. Based on the results of those surveys, hypothetical scenarios of a day of life of a project manager in the year 2010 and 2015 were included in the papers. Here, we continue this analysis and present a comparison to the results of previous surveys. Although highly speculative in nature, we have found this study to help focus our thinking about future directions in technology, so that we might better contribute to the developments that will shape the future of project management.




Froese, T., Waugh, L. & Pouria, A. (2001). Project Management in the Year 2020. Published in the Proceedings of 2001 Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers, Victoria, BC.