Mechanical properties of heat-treated and hot-dip galvanized rectangular hollow section material




Ma, Zhengyuan

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Hot-dip galvanizing is widely used for corrosion protection of steel structures. However, there has been a plethora of recent reports on premature cracking in galvanized steel structures, which have resulted in some early decommissions or even hazardous collapses. This research focuses on cold-formed Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS). A total of 108 tensile coupons were tested to investigate the effects of galvanizing as well as different pre-galvanizing treatments on the material properties around the cross sections of the specimens. For the first time, this thesis reports a comprehensive measurement of residual stresses in different directions at the member ends which are directly relevant to the cracking issue. The results were also compared to the residual stresses far away from the member ends, which are relevant to structural stability research. In all, the research provides a better understanding of the characteristics and structural performance of galvanized RHS to facilitate its application. The recommendations can help engineers, fabricators, and galvanizers mitigate the risk of cracking in RHS during galvanizing.



mechanical properties, rectangular hollow section, steel, heat-treatment