Distributed Winner-Take-All Teleoperation of a Multi-Robot System




Yang, Yuan
Constantinescu, Daniela
Shi, Yang

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In a distributed multi-master-multi-slave teleoperation system, the human users may compete against each other for the control of the team of slave robots. To win the competition, one operator would send the largest command to the slave group. For the sake of team cohesion, the slave group should follow the command of the winning operator and ignore the commands of the other users. To enable (i) the slave team to identify the winning operator, and (ii) each slave to determine whether to admit or discard the command it receives from its operator,this paper proposes a dynamic decision-making protocol that distinguishes the decision variable of the slave commanded by the winner from the decision variables of all other slave robots.The protocol only requires the slaves to exchange and evaluate their decision variables locally. Lyapunov stability analysis proves the theoretical convergence of the proposed decision-making algorithm. An experimental distributed winner-take-all teleoperation in a 3-masters-11-slaves teleoperation testbed validates its practical efficacy.



Teleoperation, distributed control, winner-take-all control, multi-master-multi-slave teleoperation