Robust Adaptive Beamforming for Interference Suppression Based on SNR




Chang, Lin
Zhang, Hao
Gulliver, T. Aaron
Lyu, Tingting

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Robust adaptive beamforming (RAB) can be used to suppress interference signals while retaining the desired signals received by a sensor array. However, desired signal self-cancellation and model mismatch can affect RAB performance. In this paper, a novel interference-plus-noise covariance matrix (INCM) reconstruction method is proposed for RAB to solve these problems. The proposed method divides the desired signal into two ranges according to the input signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), namely low SNR and high SNR. In the low SNR range, INCM reconstruction directly uses the same sample covariance matrix as the sample matrix inversion (SMI) beamformer to retain the advantages of the traditional SMI algorithm. In the high SNR range, the eigenvalues of the sample covariance matrix are used to estimate the interference power and noise power. The optimized interference steering vector (SV) is obtained by solving a quadratic convex optimization problem in an interference subspace. The INCM is reconstructed from the interference SVs, interference power, and noise power. The reconstructed INCM is then used to correct the desired signal SV via maximizing the beamformer output power. This is achieved by solving a quadratically constrained quadratic programming (QCQP) problem. Analysis and simulation results are presented which demonstrate that the proposed method performs well under a variety of mismatch conditions.



robust adaptive beamforming, SNR estimation, interference covariance matrix reconstruction, subspace selection


Chang, L., Zhang, H., Gulliver, T. A., & Lyu, T. (2023). Robust adaptive beamforming for interference suppression based on SNR. Electronics, 12(21), 4501.