Generator-Sensor Impedance at Double Channel Electrodes




Holm, Thomas
Ingdal, Mats
Strobl, Johnathan R.
Fanavoll, Espen V.
Sunde, Svein
Seland, Frode
Harrington, David A.

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Electrochimica Acta


A method for measuring downstream concentration effects through electrochemical impedance spectroscopy at double channel electrodes is demonstrated. An ac current perturbation is applied at an upstream working electrode and the resulting ac potential response at a downstream sensing electrode is measured. This generator-detector scheme is implemented with a single potentiostat. Experimental data for a reversible redox couple are presented and good agreement is found with numerical simulations. A qualitative explanation of the features is given which lays the foundation for a more rigorous theoretical treatment. Relationships with flow rate and frequency are found that can scale the data to lie on a universal curve.



Channel electrode, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Mass transport, FEM


Holm, T., Ingdal, M., Strobl, J.R., Fanavoll, E.V., Sunde, S., Seland, F. & Harrington, D.A. (2017). Generator-Sensor Impedance at Double Channel Electrodes. Electrochimica Acta, 229, 452-457.