Crossing Boundaries: Facing the Challenges of Library Instruction and Research for Evolving Interdisciplinary Topics




Harrison, Justin

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LOEX Press


Because academic disciplines often develop their own unique languages and methodologies, communication between disciplines is limited. Research often rests in departmental silos with little or no conversation between them, posing daunting challenges for the researcher who is trying to find common ground within the various literatures. To meet this challenge, librarians must consider strategies beyond the traditional ones we have developed over time with already-existing disciplines. An openness to new, different, and unconventional approaches and methodology is essential in being able to deliver meaningful information literacy to the student doing interdisciplinary research. Librarians must be ready to meet this challenge. This article will provide some approaches, techniques, and perspectives to consider when addressing interdisciplinary study.



Interdisciplinarity, Information Literacy, Academic Libraries


Harrison, J. (2009). Crossing Boundaries: Facing the challenges of library instruction and research from evolving interdisciplinary topics. In B. Sietz (Ed.), Unchartered Waters: Tapping the Depths of Our Community to Enhance Learning. Thirty-fifth national LOEX library instruction conference proceedings (pp. 23-26). Ypsilanti, Michigan: LOEX Press.