Modes and model systems: computational studies in biophysics, electromagnetics and plasmonics




DeWolf, Timothy Stephen

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This work has three parts. In the first part, we show that the measured resonances observed in proteins using Extraordinary Acoustic Raman (EAR) spectroscopy are in fact low-frequency acoustic modes, or protein collective modes. We explore the use of elastic network models (ENM), specifically the anisotropic network model (ANM), to compute EAR spectra that are in good agreement with experiment. In the second part, we build a electromagnetic mode solver based on complex coupled-mode theory (CCMT). In the third and final part, we examine epsilon near zero (ENZ) field enhancement and cloaking in a spherical plasmonic nanoparticle. We use a quasi-static, quantum-corrected model (QCM) to obtain our result.



modes, model systems, computational physics, biophysics, computational electromagnetics, plasmonics, optics, EAR, Extraordinary Acoustic Raman, CCMT, complex coupled mode theory, ENZ, epsilon near zero, field enhancement, cloaking, QCM, quantum-corrected model, single molecule studies, optical tweezers, elastic network models, anisotropic network model, Raman spectroscopy, mode solver