Software Benchmark—Classification Tree Algorithms for Cell Atlases Annotation Using Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data




Alaqeeli, O.
Xing, L.
Zhang, Xuekui

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Microbiology Research


Classification tree is a widely used machine learning method. It has multiple implementations as R packages; rpart, ctree, evtree, tree and C5.0. The details of these implementations are not the same, and hence their performances differ from one application to another. We are interested in their performance in the classification of cells using the single-cell RNA-Sequencing data. In this paper, we conducted a benchmark study using 22 Single-Cell RNA-sequencing data sets. Using cross-validation, we compare packages’ prediction performances based on their Precision, Recall, F1-score, Area Under the Curve (AUC).We also compared the Complexity and Run-time of these R packages. Our study shows that rpart and evtree have the best Precision; evtree is the best in Recall, F1-score and AUC; C5.0 prefers more complex trees; tree is consistently much faster than others, although its complexity is often higher than others.



classification tree, single-cell RNA-sequencing, benchmark, precision, recall, F1-score, complexity, area under the curve, run-time


Alaqeeli, O., Xing, L., Zhang, X. (2021). Software benchmark—Classification tree algorithms for cell atlases annotation using single-cell RNA-sequencing data. Microbiology Research, 12, 317-334.