Male adolescents desginated with moderate or intense behavioural needs: Student and professional perceptions regarding social and behavioural self-concepts




Braniff, Monica

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The purpose of this research study was to better understand the social and behavioural self-concept of adolescent males designated with behaviour, and through honouring their struggles and their stories, better the capacity for counselling professionals to effectively support these at-risk students. Through exploring both the students’ experience and the perceptions of those professionals who supported them, this research honoured the voice of a population that is often pushed aside in the education realm. Qualitative data analysis highlighted areas of commonality and difference between the two perspectives, ultimately demonstrating the importance of respecting student perspectives within professional decisions and interventions. The case study research took place at the Alternate Learning Program located within the Saanich School District. Participants included three adolescent males with behaviour designations, and the corresponding school professionals who supported these youth.



adolescents, male, behaviour, counselling, perceptions, self-concept, students, professionals